Avengers Spreadsheet Quiz for Modeling Experts and Analysts

You’re a spreadsheet pro, we both know that! But, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. To help you harness your spreadsheet powers and continue to develop your career, SheetRocks has created the Avengers Spreadsheet Quiz

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Yes, this spreadsheet quiz is designed to be fun. But, you’ll also learn a thing or two! It will reveal..

  • How effectively you’re using spreadsheets’ built-in capabilities
  • Deep insights into your work ethic, personality, and career goals
  • Little-known spreadsheet techniques
  • Actionable steps to help you start generating more business value 


… and more!


Now, if you’re thinking the secret to an Avengers success is learning how to code. YOU’RE WRONG! None of these archetypes requires coding knowledge!


So, “Spreadsheet Avengers assemble”…

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From our experience working with spreadsheet rockstars inside of SheetRocks, we’ve seen three main types of spreadsheet modeling all-star… If we had to describe those types in the classical Avenger mythology, we’d classify those archetypes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider Man.

The Captain America of Spreadsheet Avengers

Captain America’s can-do attitude and honestly makes him an excellent leader! He’s a practical thinker and a great team player! He’s always willing to roll up his sleeves and get the job done – whatever it takes. 


If you’re a Captain America archetype, you know exactly when to optimize a slow spreadsheet and when to file a support ticket with your IT department. You’ve probably been buried in your spreadsheets for at least five years – and you’ve got the spreadsheet skills to prove it! You find spreadsheets easy, fun, and familiar.


However, the idea of giving up your spreadsheets for a programming interface? You’d rather do just about anything else than spend your time learning to code (I don’t blame you). 


“The trouble with Excel is that you eventually either have to learn Visual Basic or you have to hire a developer to build your spreadsheets – and it drives you crazy! This is not the way spreadsheets should work (I’m sure you agree).”


You’ve come a long way in your career so far, thanks to your analytical expertise. Your spreadsheeting skills have made it easy for you to command a pretty penny in finance, market analysis, engineering, logistics, or even the environment. Your career is just getting started, and you’re excited to see where it goes!


My big challenge for you? Dream bigger. Perhaps you’re setting your sights too low when it comes to spreadsheets. It may be the case that your spreadsheets have the power of a Jetta when you need the power of a Jaguar.


Sound familiar? Click here to find out if you’re the Captain America of Spreadsheet Avengers!

The Iron Man of Spreadsheet Avengers

Iron Man is next-level intelligent! His innovative nature makes him a great “inventor” and he loves anything “high-tech”!


If you’re an Iron Man archetype, you’re perhaps sometimes referred to as the “builder”. But, the things you enjoy building the most are automations, tools, and maybe even a robot or two.


Your mathematical and statistical expertise is second to none. And, you can take that expertise and apply it to quickly uncover boatloads of business value. The subject matter expertise you possess is all you’ll ever need to convert business data into some major cash!


This is the issue: Excel, the tool you’ve relied on for spreadsheet modeling, isn’t enough for you these days. There is no way it can handle the size of the datasets you need to analyze. And, I’m not surprised… working with a tool that constantly freezes and crashes is enough to make anyone mad.


I understand that it can be frustrating, but take heart. Iron Man always finds a way! Especially when others tell him, it can’t be done! 


Learning to program is not necessary unless you want to dilute your genius and spend your time on something that won’t make you any more money. So, allow yourself to dream bigger (just a bit). 


Sound familiar? Take the Avengers Spreadsheet Quiz to find out if you’re the Iron Man of Spreadsheets.

The Spider Man of Spreadsheet Avengers

Spider Man is smart and agile! If he’s your spreadsheet archetype, your career potential is damn near unlimited! As a newbie, you’re happy to learn and experiment with new methods to get the job done right.


No one could EVER accuse you of being a slacker. The goal of your professional life is to learn, grow, and develop. Dedication is important to you and you aren’t afraid to commit to achieving your dreams. 


Hard work pays off. But, it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And, no matter how many sleepless nights you put in… you’re not going to gain 20 years of expertise in 2 years!


You’re still a badass regardless of whether you’re a spreadsheet modeling pro or not. What matters isn’t your Excel certificates. In the long run, you won’t suffer any negative consequences if you take your sweet time in cultivating your analytical knowledge.


Sound familiar? Click here to find out if you’re the Spider Man of Spreadsheet Avengers!

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If you enjoyed learning about the 4 different spreadsheet archetypes, take the Avengers Spreadsheet Quiz to find out which Marvel character you are (don’t just guess)! Not only will you discover which Avenger aligns with your goals, but you’ll also receive a personal spreadsheet playbook.


Inside the playbook, you’ll find…

  • Spreadsheet Speed: Accelerate your spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheet Collaborations: Real-time collaboration with peers.
  • Built-In Data Sets: Discover new ways to access built-in data resources.
  • Custom Formulas: Explore your options with respect to building out custom formulas.

Take the Avengers Spreadsheet Quiz here.

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