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Concierge Services

We're so happy you're here and can't wait to start supporting you with our concierge services!

Please take a moment to let us know how we can help you today.

Concierge Services Include:


Custom Done-For-You SR Spreadsheets

Inside Planet SheetRocks, you get credits for 2 custom done-for-you spreadsheet services per month. Each credit is redeemable for the development or repair of 1 spreadsheet. 

If you’ve got a particularly complex spreadsheet that doesn’t quite run the way it should, scroll down to the support request form below and submit a request to us so we can fix it for you fast.


Custom Function or Integration Development Services

Since SheetRocks is still in beta, chances are you’ll want some functions or integrations that we don’t quite have yet. Worry not, we’re happy to build them for you as part of this white glove concierge service. Your Planet SheetRocks membership entitles you to 3 custom development tasks per month

Important Reminder of the Concierge Services Policy: You can request up to 3 feature requests or integrations per month. We’ve allocated ~6.5 developer-hours per request.

If we cannot complete your request within a ~6.5 hour period, your task would be unusually large. In that case you have the option of applying multiple concierge credits to extend your development services. Again, you get 3 task credits per month which entitle you to a total of ~20 developer-hours of monthly support.

Credits for concierge services and video calls can be rolled over for 1 month.

Credits expire 60 days after the date of their issuance. Fresh credits are issued monthly.

To Book Your Services, Please Complete the Following Request Form:



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