5 Myths About Advanced Spreadsheet Skills

You know that feeling when you realize that someone has been telling you a myth all along? It’s a bit like finding out Santa Claus or the tooth fairy isn’t real. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 myths about advanced spreadsheet skills and break them down so you can see the truth behind these seemingly impossible-to-overcome obstacles.


No. 1 – Advanced spreadsheet skills aren’t useful if you need to analyze large (>1 million rows) data sets 

We’re not going to lie – analyzing large data sets in Excel or Google Sheets is like pulling teeth. It is simply just too much information for them to handle. And with people like IDC UK making crazy claims such as “In Europe, advanced Excel users are wasting~€55 billion every year by ‘misusing’ Excel” – it’s no wonder people feel like their advanced spreadsheets skills are next to useless. 

But, the issue is NOT your skills – it is the spreadsheets themselves. If Excel and Google Sheets were powerful enough to do their jobs in the first place, it wouldn’t be an issue! And, with SheetRocks it’s totally possible for you to perform complex analyses of large datasets (up to 50,000,000 spreadsheet cells at one time) without needing to code a thing. 


No. 2 – I’d need to learn to program in order to analyze large (>1 million rows) data sets

Year on year, datasets are getting larger and larger. And, so too are your manager’s expectations. But, the bigger the data, the more problems you run into with traditional spreadsheets. They’re slow, clunky, and quite frankly – not cut out for the job. As such, they break or become corrupted. Which is great news for the programmers who get hired to create an alternative solution.

With all the added pressure, analysts often believe they need to learn how to program in order to carry out their day-to-day job. But, that’s not what you signed up for. Nor, should you have to! As mentioned above, it’s the tools that are failing you – they’re just not powerful enough.

Luckily with SheetRocks, you don’t need to add ‘programming’ to your already brimming roster of skills. That’s because it surpasses all of your spreadsheet performance expectations by decreasing runtime from hours to seconds, even on large datasets (up to 50,000,000 cells). Allowing you to quickly analyze complex datasets without needing to learn how to program or code.


No. 3 – Deep spreadsheet skills aren’t enough to get promoted

Advanced spreadsheet skills alone might not be enough to get you promoted. But, RESULTS DO! Every organization has inefficiencies and problems. And, one of the easiest ways to earn yourself the sweet promotion you’ve been dreaming of is by showing your leadership potential and taking the initiative to solve them.

So, if slow, clunky, spreadsheets are slowing down team productivity, you can apply those advanced spreadsheets skills of yours to large browser-based spreadsheets (like SheetRocks) instead. It’s not more analytical skills or staff hires your organization needs, it’s better software. And, an initiative like this could save your company upwards of $10,000 on in-house development costs. So, helping them make a great saving like this might just give you the leg up the ladder you’ve been searching for!


No. 4 – Sophisticated spreadsheeting skills are hard to maintain

​​This is a common one! And, something which puts a lot of people off working with spreadsheets altogether. But, spreadsheets really aren’t as difficult as people think. In fact, once you’ve learned advanced spreadsheet skills, they stay with you forever—just like riding a bike or driving a car. 

What’s more, all of those complex spreadsheet functions and formulas you know and love from Excel have now become ten times more powerful. How? Because SheetRocks enables you to apply the same spreadsheet formulas in a familiar spreadsheet application that is 10x more powerful than Excel (and runs online in a collaborative environment, like Google Sheets).


No. 5 – Spreadsheets are terrible collaboration tools if you need to use them to deploy sophisticated spreadsheet skills across large datasets

That’s because not all spreadsheet applications are created equal. With remote and hybrid work becoming the new ‘norm’, people need to be able to access their documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device. And, being able to collaborate with others on documents is non-negotiable.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done! Google Sheets’ rate limiting makes collaborating with others painfully slow. And, Excel creates unnecessary confusion when you have to email around various versions of the file with “V2, V3, V4, etc.” written into the filename.

There are none of these issues when using SheetRocks. You can easily work with many collaborators in real-time and perform complex analyses of large datasets, all online – even if you’re collaborating across a massive spreadsheet. No more “final_FINAL” versions or clunky slow-loading sheets (phew!). 

In the end, it’s really about using the right tool for the job. So, the next time you find yourself banging your head on the desk because the spreadsheet you’re working on just isn’t playing ball – give SheetRocks a try! You’ll be in good company, as this brand new spreadsheet technology is backed by Bloomberg and Script Capital.

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