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SheetRocks Academy Live

Get live training support from a SheetRocks resident expert!

We look forward to seeing you on our next call. If you're not able to make the call live, simply place your question for us in the form below and we'll get it answered for you live. To collect your answer afterward, you'd simply watch the weekly call replay.

2 Important Things:


Live Onboarding Calls

Within SheetRocks Academy Live we’ll be having 4 live video training support calls per month. Each call will last 60 minutes. Ask any question or resolve any setup delay by joining one of these weekly office hours, hosted live by a resident SheetRocks expert.

Click here to join and explore SheetRocks Academy Live.

Please note, if you can’t make a live call but still have a question for us to answer during that call, simply drop your question in the support call form below, and we’ll get it answered for you. To collect your answers, you’d simply go into SheetRocks Academy Live and watch the call replay.



Event Calendar

This easy-to-add, always up-to-date event calendar makes it simple to keep track of what’s happening in the program and when you can sign in to get support from one of our resident experts. The SheetRocks Academy Live event calendar is ready and waiting for you here.


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