SheetRocks Spreadsheet Founding Members Package

“In Europe, advanced Excel users are wasting €55 billion every year by misusing Excel” – IDC UK. It is statistics like that, that drive modeling experts and analysts crazy! Are you one of them? So often advanced spreadsheet users are blamed for the limitations that are put on them by the very tool that is meant to facilitate and support their jobs. It can leave you feeling like you want to bang your head against the wall! Please don’t, at least not before you’ve heard about the SheetRocks spreadsheet solution! 

SheetRocks was born out of this frustration by a founder that had the exact same experiences you may be having now. That founder was Tony Garvan. A thought one night popped into his head while trying to get work done and continually needing to stop to allow Excel to catch up. That one thought was “why does a spreadsheet do math a million times slower than my CPU does?”, followed by another… “Why can’t spreadsheets do better than that?” It was a Eureka moment that sparked a series of events which led to SheetRock’s birth, a business dedicated to giving back time, money, and sanity to spreadsheet modeling experts and analysts. 

Tony could see clearly what was so desperately needed, a high-performance spreadsheet solution that could process and perform complex analyses of massive datasets.


SheetRocks’ Spreadsheet Solution Removes the Headache

When you got your math degree, you may not have anticipated that you would one day be pulling your hair out trying to complete your daily tasks. You have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to get your job done, but you’re constantly held up by slow, crashing, or freezing spreadsheets. 

Some of the most common woes we’ve seen with modeling experts and analysts are that they were sick and tired of having to contact a programmer countless times to solve issues and that they find themselves wasting so much time… just waiting for something to happen! 

Imagine for a moment that… 

… you could sit down at a computer and perform complex analyses across huge spreadsheets in a matter of seconds.


… you could work in massive online spreadsheets in real-time with a team without any hiccups or stalls.


… you could easily build spreadsheet-based automations that you know will run smoothly.


Sounds pretty good, right? 

You definitely aren’t alone. Since launching SheetRocks we have had more and more people requesting beta access so that they can reap all of the benefits of our unique spreadsheet solution and up their spreadsheet modeling game. 

We have built a small community of people and businesses that all share the same issues. Not only that, they all share the same goal; to have a spreadsheet solution that works FOR performing complex analysis across massive (million row +) spreadsheets. 


Features of SheetRocks Spreadsheet

  • 400+ built-in Formulas: SheetRocks uses the same formulas as Excel and Google Sheets, making it a breeze to start using.
  • Real-Time Collaborations: stay connected on projects with your team in real-time.
  • SOC 2 Compliance: peace of mind knowing that you’re using a compliant system with the highest of standards (as governed by the American Institute of CPAs).
  • XLSX Compatible: this gives you the ability to import your existing XLSX files.
  • Familiar For Convenience: we don’t expect you to learn hundreds of new formula structures.
  • Charts, Plotting & Formatting: easily produce reports with SheetRocks.
  • Scripts & Automation: the ability to record your analytical operations one time and then run them to completion in minutes
  • Programmable API: there is no coding necessary. Build complex workflows and save hours and hours of work in one click.


With SheetRocks Spreadsheet, you can:

  • Decrease your spreadsheet runtime from hours to seconds
  • Import slow and often unworkable spreadsheets to completion in seconds
  • Build and share analytical models securely with no coding
  • Collaborate online with your team in real-time across SheetRocks spreadsheets
  • Streamline your work processes
  • Enjoy what you do again!


The SheetRocks Spreadsheet Founding-Members Package

We wanted to celebrate the many modeling experts and analysts out there who finally have a solution by offering our founding members the VIP treatment. When you sign up to try out Sheetrocks Spreadsheet, you’ll also get access to Planet SheetRocks to try it out.

What is that, we hear you say? 


Planet SheetRocks is an onboarding program that gives you that extra hands-on help. 

The Planet SheetRocks Concierge Service 

  • Two spreadsheets per month: we’ll help you with your most problematic spreadsheets.
  • Three development requests per month: we are super aware that SheetRocks Spreadsheet is in beta right now, that’s why when you come across functionality that isn’t quite there yet, we’ll help you out by coming up with the solution.


The Planet SheetRocks Academy: Training Support 

  • Four video calls per month: we offer live onboarding calls each month to ask any burning questions.
  • Calendar add-on to keep up to date with events.

On top of all of this amazing support, SheetRocks comes with extraordinary bonuses; the SOS Support Services that include private 1:1 video calls and chat support, as well as access to a customer-only support community; The Odyssey Crew Membership. 

If you choose to sign up, you’ll be doing a 180-degree turn…from frustrated and feeling helpless to empowered and supported. 

Are you a spreadsheet modeling expert or advanced analyst? Then this is really a no-brainer. To find out more about SheetRocks Spreadsheet Founding Member’s Package, click HERE.

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